View Full Version : Please watch this show!

12.20.07, 9:08 PM
I dont understand why this show is not more popular. I started watching about a year ago because I was getting sick of Days of Our Lives....and I just love Guiding Light. I cant believe it is not more popular. I love the story lines and the writing is fantastic. No brain chips...world take over schemes...demonic possessions...just people interacting with each in real..funny...dramatic...fun to watch ways.

I have totally gotten addicted to this show and I never miss it. I have even gotten my husband addicted...we TiVo it and watch it together on Friday night after work...it is like a movie to watch all 5 of the weeks episodes one after the other. And it is SO GOOD.

1.27.08, 1:27 AM
I think some of these daytime dramas are more refreshing than movies.

1.29.08, 11:07 PM
I know I am talking to myself, because this site is empty and barren, but really.....this show rocks. I have been enjoying it so much! I also watch Days...but this one beats Days 6 ways to sunday. It is faster paced and much more interesting. I love that they dont take a story and make it crawl..stuff happens. Sometimes it almost brings me to tears, other times I laugh out loud. I really dont get why this is not the top show....it should be.