View Full Version : Are they trying to make Belle into the new "Sami"?

12.20.07, 8:04 PM
I could not get over how the charachter of Belle has changed these days...her exchange today with Hope was amazingly like something Sami might have said before her reformation. Now that Sami has gotten much more mature...and nicer...are they angling to make Belle into the next Sami?

I just about choked when she said "Don't judge me" Oh please. People only say theat when they know they are in the wrong. What Belle did WAS wrong and SHOULD be judged as such. Period.

12.20.07, 8:40 PM
I hate to defend Belle on this one but she was right. Hope did say she would keep her secret and yet Hope went to however many people and told when the one person she should have told was her son. I think Belle see's that as Hope being a hypocrite. Belle may think that Hope told everyone else so that they may spill the beans to Shawn instead. I was also shocked she was bold enough to stand up to Hope but Hope was pushing her buttons intentionly. As far as Belle being another Sami. In my opinion, no one can be another Sami. Belle couldn't hold a candle to her. DAYS would have to go a long way to get Belle there.

12.21.07, 3:31 PM
I guess I see it a little differently. I saw Hope talking to the people she did about the situation because she was struggling with the issue...trying to decide if she was handling it correctly...and she needed some input from someone she trusted to either agree that she was handling it right, or to tell her she as wrong. Her decision to not tell Shawn is clearly makingher feel guilty and I think she wanted someone to validate her.

Yes...she did say she would not tell anyone....as long as Belle stayed away from Phillip. Neither one of them kept their word on that one...so Belle really has no high horse on that issue. Not to mention the fact that the whole situation would not exist in the first place if Belle had not slept with Phillip. All excuses aside for Belle....she screwed up and made a huge mistake. Instead of geting mad at everyone around her for not giving her a pass on it....she should be living up to her mistake and handling it. I think for her, it is much easier to get mad at Hope than it is to get mad at herself.

Just my opinion. ;)

12.21.07, 6:36 PM
You are right, I forgot Hope said she'd keep the secret as long as Belle stayed away from Philip. Belle clearly didn't do that so I guess Hope gets a bit of free reign on this one.

1.5.08, 10:30 AM
Hope really struggled with this..if it had been my son,,I would have told him right away..thats just me tho.I think that Belle is going o find it hard for in the upcoming months..Shawn is not just going to roll over and say"ah thats okay honey"..and I think she WILL become more like the old Sami..but I also agree..it would take a LONG time for her to become like Sami,I really do not like giving Hope the "busybody"story.Give her and Bo something good to do