View Full Version : Good Thursday.........

12.20.07, 8:49 AM
Well up early and drinking my morning coffee. Wind is still howling out side and still cold out too. Back to work for me today. I had two nice days off. Got a lot done around my apartment etc. Got some much needed rest too. Hopefully tonight my son's will come by and one son my youngest is suppose to get his stuff. But I haven't heard from him. So don't know for sure. Well take care everyone.:blush2ey:

12.20.07, 11:30 PM
Well..we've talked so I know the boys didn't come by for Johnathan's stuff. Too bad..he could have at least called you. Well..guess he's not in a hurry for the stuff.
My day at work went ok. Started off the morning here with bad thunderstorms..rain, lightning...etc. But as the day wore on..it got better.

12.21.07, 12:42 AM
Dragsy glad work went OK etc. and the storms stopped. Yep the boys didn't come over since Johnathan didn't call so that was that. Talked to Chris he is quite up set about not getting paid yet. I do hope he gets paid soon. Well take care! :winkq: