View Full Version : Who think alexis should end up with craig?

5.20.07, 6:28 PM
I think they would be good together,i think he would be good with kristina & molly.

5.29.07, 10:04 PM
I like Alexis with Craig great pairing and would make Nicklas crazy lol insresting storyline .

6.24.07, 3:56 AM
I have been hearing that they are playing with the idea of pairing the two of them together.I hope that they do.:D

11.9.07, 5:21 AM
IMO, Alexis is too good for Jerry. After what he did by
killing Alan at the hostage crisis and causing everyone else
so much pain, I have NO use for him.

7.28.09, 4:50 PM
Thank goodness Alexis did NOT go with Jerry the sicko.