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12.18.07, 4:05 PM
With Stephanie about to tell her mom that she was raped (according to some of the soap sources) by Ford, I got to wondering if Kayla ever told Stephanie who raped her. Jack ( Steve's borther) did rape Kayla right? Or was he just accused of it?

12.20.07, 1:10 PM
I asked because DAYS likes to rewrite history and I don't know if they did this with Jack or not.

12.20.07, 1:31 PM
Nope, nothing has been re-written...it still stands that he raped her. But I dont know if she told Steph thats who it was.

12.20.07, 1:39 PM
Yes he did rape her. They have not re-written anything. I remember a few years ago they were all at a family function and Jack was uneasy about being in the same room with Kayla but she assured him that she forgave him.

12.20.07, 9:35 PM
Thanks for clearing that up you guys. No one ever speaks about it and I am hoping to find out if Kayla will or has told her daughter who it was as well.

1.5.08, 11:36 AM
Yes indeed he did,,and right after he found out Steve was his brother..and then he fell for Jenn..and lots of people had a hard time forgiving him...but they did,,Jack used to be a real bad guy!!

1.19.08, 11:14 AM
Jack did rape Kayla, and he was a bad guy when he was first around.
He also paid someone to beat the hell out of Steve.

1.30.08, 11:46 AM
I don't recall Kayla ever telling Stef she was even raped.

Linda J.
1.30.08, 7:00 PM
Jack did rape Kayla. Yes Steph knows about it because she told Gordy about her mother being raped.