View Full Version : Tuesday 12-18-07

12.18.07, 10:03 AM
Well it's Tuesday and I slept in tell 7 this morning cause my cough woke me up. For me that is sleeping in though cause I usually get up about 5:30 for work. Any ways still cold here and windy. Boy was I busy yesterday at work! Whew! Glad my day went by quickly and then I came home and rearranged my bedroom all by my self! What a work out I got! My son is suppose to come over and get his stuff so wanted to get things put away in my room I want to keep. Will finish working on it today. Then it will be ready for him when he comes to get his stuff. My other son will be coming too so I will get to see both of them. My older son told me last night that he broke up with his girl friend. I told him I was sorry but maybe it was for the best she moved back to be with her kids. He is staying here to be near his kids. Which makes since. Well Take care hope everyone has a nice Tuesday. :blush2ey:

12.18.07, 11:53 PM
Good evening..it's late now. I thought I had posted in here this morning..but guess I didn't..ha ha. A busy day for me...preparing food for our bowling/Christmas party tonight, and a pie for Terry to take to work tomorrow. Well..we had lots of good food tonight in our bowling league..but none of us on our team bowled worth a darn!!! We lost all our games. We had one "shining moment". "Was" in first place this week..till we lost them all tonight..lol. Probably move down to fourth place..because it was so close. But hey..we have till April..so anything can happen!! Julie..you've been busy moving furniture around. Hope you didn't over do it. Usually the next day after moving heavy stuff...I feel it all over my body..ha ha. And about David's and his girlfriend breaking up..I know you weren't heart broken over it! Hope that cough gets better Julie.

12.19.07, 9:06 AM
Dragsy sorry your team didn't do well bowling! What a bummer! Oh well was nice being first for a week wasn't it? Yea I wasn't heart broken about David telling me about his girl friend and him cutting it off. Think he was ready to break it off after my surgery and just had to give it time to decide. But she is gone now and out of his life. Which is good for him. He is going to be lonley but he has his family and friends. Take care!:blush2ey: