View Full Version : Good Monday all....

12.17.07, 7:48 AM
I'm sure most of you are still snuggled in your beds! I wish I was the wind is howling and still -8 out very cold probably colder too with that nasty wind blowing. Suppose to warm up more today so I hope that wind dies down! Well this is my Friday but it will be a busy one. Work then come home and let my son move his stuff out. So probably won't get on here tell late. Hope all of you have a great day!:blush2ey:

12.17.07, 9:25 AM
It's cold here..but thank goodness no wind. There was frost on the ground..in the 30's. Will probably warm up in the 50's today. I thought I was suppose to take our grandson for his follow up at the dr..but it's tomorrow Jill informed me. I had my days mixed up..ha ha. Ain't the first time..ha ha. I am going to get a perm today....can't take it any longer...eeek!

12.18.07, 9:57 AM
Well glad you had a good day off Dragsy. Guess today you'll be busy taking your grandson to the Dr. huh? Hope it all goes well!:blush2ey:

12.18.07, 11:54 PM
Oh..not sure if I told you..his check up went well. His chest was clear and ear is fine now.

12.19.07, 9:03 AM
Oh no you hadn't glad he got a good report and is doing better! That is great news!:blush2ey: