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10.2.17, 10:11 AM

10.2.17, 4:15 PM
Once again the media calls him a "troubled individual" while Black kids are portrayed as troublemakers.


10.2.17, 10:10 PM
And now comes Pat Robertson's inevitable input........

http://www.rightwingwatch.org/post/pat-robertson-blames-vegas-shooting-on-disrespect-for-trump-the-national-anthem-and-god/ (http://www.rightwingwatch.org/post/pat-robertson-blames-vegas-shooting-on-disrespect-for-trump-the-national-anthem-and-god/)

10.3.17, 12:24 AM
A travel ban on Pat Robertson.

10.3.17, 2:08 AM
People like him disgust me, using disaster, tragedy, and stories of fire and brimstone to get people back in the pews, watching his show, and giving him money.

10.6.17, 12:39 AM
Another possibility. If this is true, then the churches and conservative calls for more discipline, more prayer, and the teaching of personal responsibility will be inept at handling this problem.


10.6.17, 9:30 PM
And now Wayne LaPierre blames Hollywood.


10.14.17, 2:33 AM
Delving into the life of Stephen Paddock.


10.14.17, 5:04 PM
Wow. That is a very strange essay. Can't figure what to make of it.

10.17.17, 3:07 AM
Seems to me that a lot of problems with these mass-shooters is that their masculine desires tended to go unfulfilled and they lash out violently.
From the looks of it, it seems life tended to hold him back somehow, be it systemic or his own faults (IE: His educational background required he go to shop class, rather than persue something more intellectual/academic, and maybe there is a touch of racism considering one of his job losses was attributed to NAFTA). But it is clear that Americans have a difficult time coping with failure.

There are two camps that I am seeing among conservative circles, one that says that the key to dealing with mental health issues is adherence to religious morality, discipline, and being raised properly with spankings and an active father (Kinda reminds me of Scientology saying PTSD can be “cured” through diet and exercise. Also to note, it seems odd that men in their 50’s and 60’s like Robert Dear and Stephen Paddock are also being lumped in with Millenials), and one that says his unfulfilled desires (a lot of them sexual) was the cause of this. Therefore a man must have his desires fulfilled or he will lash out in violence.
I think if one encountered the other, I would think one would probably say go back to church and pray it away, and if that doesn’t work, their fathers should beat it out of them.