View Full Version : Grey's Anatomy: Season 14 SPOILERS

10.2.17, 6:24 AM
I live in hope that this will be the last season of this show.
I keep watching it.
But when I do, I have that thought that I often have at the dentist.
"When will this be over?"
I can't work up a whole lot of interest for any of the story lines.
Although after watching a show for this long, I am invested in most of the characters.
Not Jo, Arizona, April or Maggie.
But the rest of them.

The only remotely interesting thing about this season premiere is the fact that it looks like Amelia, the world class brain tumor surgeon, has a brain tumor.
I am intrigued as to how that story line will play out.

Shonda is putting Scandal to rest this season.
I can only hope she will follow suit with Grey's Anatomy.
Although she seems like a dog with a bone when it comes to this story.
I think if it ever goes off the air, it will be because the network cancels it.

10.6.17, 11:53 AM
I turned it on for the season premiere and lost interest after 15 minutes or so. I didn't watch much of it towards the end of last season, so I didn't know who the woman was that they did the major surgery on. Since I have rehearsals on Thursday nights, I have decided not to watch it anymore. It's one of those shows that it's not worth my time to watch in later on OnDemand. It's sad as I normally stick with shows that I have invested so much time in, but my interest isn't here anymore.