View Full Version : This Is Us: Season Opener SPOILERS

9.28.17, 7:19 AM
While I am glad to see this show return, I fear I am going to be disappointed in their treatment of alcoholism.
I rarely like stories where the loved ones refuse to take a stand and demand that the alcoholic/addict get help.
Rebecca's "oh honey, it's okay, come home" reaction to Jack's admission really bothered me.
And I suspect that her enabling, "unconditional love" attitude towards Jack's serious problem is going to end up with fatal results.

9.28.17, 12:08 PM
I took it as support for Jack. I'll have to watch the ending again to listen to her exact words. But, she said something at the end to him about the next 3 months and I took that as him going into rehab for 3 months, but then we see that in three months, he is dead. It will probably take the whole season to see what transpired. The one thing I thought was clever was the way the season opened up with it being their 37th birthday just as the first season opened with their 36th.

9.28.17, 1:13 PM
I love that we are still getting William in flash backs.
I hope that continues.
He is one of my favorite characters.

I can see them keeping William and Jack alive via "conversations" with Randall.

9.28.17, 1:36 PM
Me too. I was so happy to see William.