View Full Version : Trump Ignores American Disaster in Puerto Rico.

9.25.17, 8:04 PM
San Juan mayor: 'There is horror in the streets'

Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz recounts the many struggles Puerto Rico's capital city is facing as it tries to regain its footing after Hurricane Maria.

https://www.washingtonpost.com/video/local/weather/san-juan-mayor-there-is-horror-in-the-streets/2017/09/23/83469f26-a0a0-11e7-b2a7-bc70b6f98089_video.html?utm_term=.21aefcc0becb (https://www.washingtonpost.com/video/local/weather/san-juan-mayor-there-is-horror-in-the-streets/2017/09/23/83469f26-a0a0-11e7-b2a7-bc70b6f98089_video.html?utm_term=.21aefcc0becb)

9.25.17, 9:28 PM
You know he has more important things to concern himself with, like his subjects finding ways to express their dissatisfaction with his government during sporting events.