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9.10.17, 6:13 AM
The pros: I had a movie date with my two older sons, something I have not done in a very long time. We went to a nice stadium theater with comfortable, reclining seats. If you like horror movies and are not invested in the original story, this is a well done, well acted horror flick.

The cons: I am totally invested in the original story and right out of the chute, you can tell that the writers considered themselves "above it all" and decided to re-write that story. As a writer, I find that offensive. Although I have read King endorsed the movie (although he was not consulted on it). And since I am sure King had to be paid BIG dollars for the rights, I can't feel that bad for him if he is secretly bothered by all the changes made to the story. And while I understand that the length of this story requires a Part 1 and a Part 2, I really don't care for movies in that form. I usually don't pay theater prices to see them and unless it means another movie date with my kids, I will not be seeing Part 2 in the theater.

If you are scared of clowns this movie will send you to therapy. Bill Skarsgård is far and away the scariest version of Pennywise The Clown there will ever be. No diss to Tim Curry because I thought Curry's version was very good and very scary as well.

9.10.17, 10:25 AM
I'm going this week!

9.10.17, 11:36 AM
Love it that it was a date with your sons. Can totally believe that Bill Skarsgard is the scariest. (Will not​ be seeing this movie!)

9.11.17, 12:46 PM
No Clowns for me! I would most definitely be in therapy.

http://rlv.zcache.com/no_clowns_poster-r240b375966514400a7d4bc6f9dc923cc_w2q_8byvr_324.jp g

9.11.17, 6:19 PM
I'm going this week!

Agent, aren't you one of those people who is terrified of clowns? I meant what I said, you will be in therapy for life.

The other "con" I forgot to mention is the row of teenage girls down front who had to talk (loudly) through the entire movie. This is why I stay away from movie theaters.

9.14.17, 12:21 PM
Fear of clowns make the movie all that much more terrifying! I will spike my popcorn with Xanax and I'll be fine. LOL! Going to see it Friday night.

9.14.17, 1:15 PM
If you are going on a Friday night, you will need the Xanex for the movie crowd. I imagine a Friday night show will be chock full of talking, annoying, teenagers.
For what you have to pay to see a movie these days, those people should be asked to leave.