View Full Version : US Franciscans "object in strenuous terms" Trump's recission of DACA

9.6.17, 8:02 PM
Yay! More sanity lining up to protect the "dreamer" children.

We urge all members of the communities we serve to condemn this unnecessary and harmful order by President Trump. Furthermore, we call upon all to contact their members of Congress and urge them to pass legislation that will fully welcome “dreamers” to our nation, remove the permanent shadow of their temporary status and make it illegal to deport or harm them. We join the U.S. Catholic Bishops in advocating for the bi-partisan “Dream Act of 2017,” H.R.3440 and S. 1615. This legislation can help “dreamers” receive a piece of the security and human dignity they and all people deserve.

9.7.17, 10:32 PM
Here's what Steve Bannon had to say.
I've known of the Anti-Catholic sentiment from Evangelical Protestants for years. Whatever claim there is that all Christians are one big happy family despite difference in denominations is false.