View Full Version : Happy Labor Day, Everyone! (If possible, of course)

9.4.17, 12:10 PM
Best wishes to those at work today, and especially to those folks whose holiday has been damaged by weather or fire or ....

9.5.17, 4:43 PM
We had a crazy storm come through our area on Sunday night. We are not prone to flooding in this area of Central California, but with the lakes and rivers so full from the rains last Winter, we had a section of Bakersfield that had a flash flood. We also had high winds up to 60 mph in some areas. Thankfully, all was well in my neighborhood, but lots of damage and trees down all over the area.

9.5.17, 6:17 PM
Rain? In Bakersfield? I thought it was illegal there -- you know, like Camelot!

9.6.17, 3:02 AM
Ha! We thought it was illegal for a few years. Then, El Nino hit. Who knows if it will become illegal again this winter.