View Full Version : Attention Walmart Shoppers

9.1.17, 11:08 PM
Only at Walmart..(from Yahoo news)...

A Michigan woman pulled out a gun over a school supply shopping dispute at Walmart, police said. The incident took place Monday at a Walmart in Novi, Michigan. Novi Police Det. Scott Baetens told WJBK that the dispute was over a notebook in the back-to-school aisle. There was only one notebook left, and two shoppers were attempting to claim it when a verbal argument turned into pushing and shoving, and ultimately, one woman pulling out a gun, police said. Customers and staff scattered after the gun was brandished. The woman who pulled out the gun carries a concealed pistol license valid in the state of Michigan, ...

9.2.17, 12:05 PM
As Jolau said in response to this (on a foreign venue!), "can't wait for Black Friday."

Tongue in cheek, no doubt in part, but also with an eye out for sales on personal armor.

9.7.17, 9:35 PM
I don't see a lot of discussion about "White on White" crime because of this.