View Full Version : Bees on Appalachian Trail boardwalk in Pawling, NY

8.20.17, 1:31 PM

8.24.17, 10:13 PM
Bees are not my friends. I walk dogs. I had 2 doxies out in their yard. My little on yelped and when I checked on her there was the biggest bee I had ever seen attached to her hind paw. I scooped it off her and it attached to my ring finger. This bee looked like a yellow jacket on steroids. Covered the tip of my finger down past my first joint. It would not let go and just holding on to my finger hurt. Don't know how I did not get stung. I had to scoop it off my finger. Poor dog was in so much pain from the sting. But all I can say it that if I never see a bee like this guy it will be too soon.

8.25.17, 11:04 AM
Hi Sandy! Long time no "see." Good to see you post again.

8.28.17, 8:49 PM
Hi Kris! Not on as much anymore. My doggies keep me busy. Plus I am starting to fix my house up to sell it. I am planning to move close to my brother. Since my dad passed there is nothing holding me in Maryland anymore. So I decided I wanted to be close to what family I have left. So all this cuts into my internet time.