View Full Version : FB quote truth: "Nazi = bad. Period."

8.16.17, 11:04 AM
Found on the FaceBook:

8.16.17, 6:08 PM
This is where it starts. Some guy on a soap box talking what would be considered nonsense to the normal person, but will resonate as "truth" to others.
For future reference, this is where it has to be stopped, and it has to be opposed at every level of its development. These people deserve no sympathy, no attempts at understanding, and denied any means by which they could grow their movement. They may offer to lower taxes, less regulation for business, "jobs", end abortion, etc. But these are lures to get people to side with them and be more accepting of their ideas.

https://youtu.be/btrdZBd_aLA (https://youtu.be/btrdZBd_aLA)

8.16.17, 6:10 PM
Another video.

https://youtu.be/1Ayxot9vQ_k (https://youtu.be/1Ayxot9vQ_k)

9.10.17, 2:44 AM
And just as a reminder, the Nazis were NOT socialists.

https://www.indy100.com/article/nazi-socialist-right-wing-white-supremacists-history-twitter-mikestuchbery-7900001 (https://www.indy100.com/article/nazi-socialist-right-wing-white-supremacists-history-twitter-mikestuchbery-7900001)