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8.10.17, 6:41 AM
We have a new female employee. The first personal thing she put on her desk was a large mirror. The kind you would see on a vanity.
In all of my years of working in offices, I have never seen anything like this.
Does anyone else find this strange? Or is it just me? :lookaway:

8.10.17, 11:29 AM
"Large"? How large? A full-sized make-up mirror would be a little weird. As for "first", maybe it was just on the top of the box of stuff?? (Benefit of the doubt time.)

I have seen mirrors on desks before, but it was because the person at the desk needed to keep an eye on the space behind them (like reception desk) or because didn't want other folks coming up behind them. Maybe that's it?

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8.11.17, 11:28 AM
I find it a little odd. In all the years I have worked, I don't believe anyone had a large mirror at their desk.

Mike, I had a "rear-view mirror at my desk once and for that very reason, I didn't want people sneaking up on me. My back was to the entrance and I don't know how many times someone would walk up behind me and scare the living daylights out of me.

8.14.17, 7:16 PM
This woman has no reason to need a view from behind her.
It has become clear the mirror is there because she likes looking at her reflection.

The old adage is true.
Just when you think you've seen it all...

8.15.17, 12:20 AM
Wow. Does she talk to herself in it? Like, "Oh! Who're you, Gorgeous?"