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6.22.17, 7:04 AM
I was surprised to read that teens are losing interest in Facebook.
The younger generation generally drives trends, so I thought teen use of Facebook was part of its popularity.
Apparently, teens are gravitating towards other social media venues.
One reason? Mom and Dad are on Facebook.
That makes sense, although Mom and Dad are probably on Instagram and Twitter too.

I love this quote from the article I read. It reaffirms my belief that not all teens are shallow and vacant.
It is also one of the main reasons I have never been a "Facebook person".

"People don't have to hang out with their friends. They can just see what they're doing. I prefer actually talking to people.
I would rather get their number than be friends on Facebook, where you have 100 friends you never talk to. It's a meaningless friendship."


6.23.17, 12:44 AM
That was from a couple of years ago; Feb. 2015. I remember it being discussed at the time. I tried to find out if it's still a thing or not in 2017; but haven't found any current ratings tables. They must be around somewhere.

On the other hand; FaceBook owns so many other services, they probably cover all of the market groups one way or another.

I did find this article from April, 2017 about teens taking short breaks from all social media. A couple of weeks at a time. One of the points covered was, "Teens who took breaks typically did so across the board, checking out of Facebook, Snapchat and all other services all at once. And they were no more or less likely to take breaks from social media based on the type of services they use."


6.23.17, 7:32 AM
Sorry to have referred to an outdated article.

6.24.17, 12:49 AM
It's still an interesting phenomenon. Our society is changing so quickly, and so radically, from what seems like just a little while ago. I guess it's like this for every generation, eh? Am I sounding like my own father or grandfather?