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6.21.17, 3:12 AM
If you can't pass a major party's Primary, you have no business running for President in the General. Hate to tell you this, Greens, you need to play to win elections, not play merely for participation awards.
This also makes me wonder, if the majority of voters identify as "independents" as well as the non-voter, how come the Greens (and to some extent, the Libertarians or any other Third Party for that matter) have yet to harness that demographic? Are they actually polling and seeing what these people want in a candidate? Or do they just follow whomever is protesting? (IE: OCCUPY, DAPL/Keystone XL protests)

http://www.vanityfair.com/news/2017/06/jill-stein-is-starting-to-sound-a-lot-like-donald-trump?mbid=social_facebook (http://www.vanityfair.com/news/2017/06/jill-stein-is-starting-to-sound-a-lot-like-donald-trump?mbid=social_facebook)

6.21.17, 3:27 AM

6.21.17, 11:41 AM
Holy shimoly! She was cozied up to the Russians too?!?!
WTF, Ruling Class Americans? What are you all thinking? [Still.]

6.21.17, 4:05 PM
And when I take a good look at what was being served at that meal, I don't think that dinner is Vegan.
Isn't Jill Stein a Vegan?

8.1.17, 12:14 AM
This woman won't stop until America is completely disarmed. I'm all for peace, but I don't believe in pacifism to the point of defenselessness.

https://latest.com/2017/07/in-bizarre-interview-jill-stein-just-defended-north-korea-from-western-demonization/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=ta&utm_campaign=ldc (https://latest.com/2017/07/in-bizarre-interview-jill-stein-just-defended-north-korea-from-western-demonization/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=ta&utm_campaign=ldc)