View Full Version : Where did everybody go?

6.17.17, 11:09 AM
I admit to being mostly a lurker here for absolutely years, but have always enjoyed the comments. Did you all go somewhere else to post?

6.17.17, 5:23 PM
I've been very sick the past few days. Food poisoning. Trust me when I tell you that it makes a regular stomach bug seem like a walk in the park.
I'm only about half way back to normal now.

6.18.17, 10:26 AM
Hope you are back on your feet soon. I have never had food poisoning, thank goodness, buy my parents did years ago from bad chinese food and they sure suffered. Get well soon

6.18.17, 11:43 PM
OH, MTJ! That is awful. So sorry to hear that you've been so sick. But happy to hear that you're moving toward being on the mend. You will feel better, I'm sure! Hoping for SOON!

6.19.17, 6:03 AM
Thanks Mike and Stargazer.
What a difference 48 hours makes.
Thank God for the body's natural ability to heal.

6.19.17, 9:31 AM

Now is the part where you have to make friends with food again.

6.19.17, 11:13 AM
So, sorry mtj. I had food poisoning before and it was horrible. I'm glad you are on the mend.

Beautifulstargazer, I have been so busy lately that I haven't posted or responded much. Thanks for checking in though. It's good to hear from you.