View Full Version : Michael Bloomberg Offers $15 Million to Make Up for US Paris Accord funding

6.2.17, 2:56 PM
According to Fortune Magazine, Michael Bloomberg and associates has off the put up the $15 Million to make up for the US's share of the Paris Accord costs that Trump has sucked out.

Trump is an asshole. Bloomberg is a swell American hero and benevolent rich-guy in the mold of a Charles Coburn character.


6.2.17, 5:15 PM
I keep wondering how is it that other industries come and go with the progress of technology and how society evolves around it, and yet we have to save coal mining (and to some extent, oil)
I thought that coal mining is one of those jobs we tell kids are going to end up with if they don't get good grades in school.

I mean, since when did some lobbying group rally that hard to save Ringling Bros so a bunch of clowns could stay employed?
Or what about all those stores JC Penny, KMart, or Sears are closing?

6.3.17, 3:09 AM
Looks like it will be up to states, cities and private citizens to step up to the plate now that the current admin has thrown it's hat into the toilet bowl of "let's just bury our heads in the sand". Good for Bloomberg and those who are standing up to ignorance and who refuse to ignore TRUE science and what it means to the preservation of this single planet we have.