View Full Version : Anyone know any good web sites for1 talking about TV shows?

5.31.17, 6:11 PM
IMDB.com used to have message boards for all the TV show and movies. It was a wonderful site for talking about shows and reading what other people thought. Unfortunately the message boards were discontinued several mounts ago. What other good sites are there for talking about shows?

5.31.17, 8:16 PM
Sadly, most of the good internet discussion boards about any topic of interest have been killed by Facebook.

5.31.17, 9:28 PM
Facebook has pages for just about any show and they're always current.

6.1.17, 12:00 AM
If you're asking that, then I guess it's time to shut down here. LOL.

6.1.17, 1:27 AM
I love Coffeerooms and thanks for the forums. :-) I will say that I was sad to see IMBD shut down the comment sections on the movies and tv shows. I am on Facebook, but I am not a huge fan of it.

6.1.17, 5:47 AM
Facebook? I don't want to join that.