View Full Version : Oregon Republican wants militias on payroll......

5.30.17, 4:24 PM
More evidence these people need government to tell them what to do.
Terrorists have rich allies.
Organized crime of all sorts get money selling drugs, extorting money for "protection", use prostitutes, etc.

These "militias" want government money like a bunch of welfare whores.

http://addictinginfo.com/2017/05/30/oregon-republican-wants-to-put-right-wing-militias-on-government-payroll-but-only-to-defend-republicans/ (http://addictinginfo.com/2017/05/30/oregon-republican-wants-to-put-right-wing-militias-on-government-payroll-but-only-to-defend-republicans/)

5.31.17, 3:50 PM
Found multiple sources for this story. Unfortunately; it's real.


What is the matter with this guy?!?!

5.31.17, 4:02 PM
I find it ironic that somoene that condemns socialized welfare wants the government to pay militias.
Don't these people have jobs?

6.1.17, 12:58 AM
I read this, too. Surely the state and/or city would never go along with this crazy idea from the GOP guy, but in the weirdness of today I just don't know any more. At first, I thought it was something like when the Guardian Angels started riding the NYC subways, etc., back in the late 70's or so, to help protect (and help law enforcement) individuals from being assailed by criminals. This current thing does not seem to fall into that category. The notion of militias, in general, makes me uneasy.

I'm interested to what vibe there is there in Portland, OR this next week as I'll be there for a few days.