View Full Version : America's military is built to help defense contractors, not troops.

5.27.17, 3:33 PM
I think whenever they say "support the troops" they mean more parades and discounts at Jollibee. We spend little money on actual support, but so much money on expensive toys.

http://www.latimes.com/opinion/op-ed/la-oe-brooks-beehner-military-procurement-20170524-story.html (http://www.latimes.com/opinion/op-ed/la-oe-brooks-beehner-military-procurement-20170524-story.html)

5.30.17, 2:10 AM
Very true. I agree with that.

5.30.17, 12:38 PM
I think we as Americans have a tendency to give momentary gestures of honor and support, we are not interested in long-term care or commitments thereof. Parades are momentary, telling them "thank you for your service" when you see them out in the street, at a restaurant, at public venues, etc. are momentary and don't cost money. Ditto giving them discounts here and there.
When people complain about homeless veterans I'd say the solution sould be simple, just build them some sort of housing so they can live there rather than on the street, but that costs money they most likely don't want to spend via taxes and I seriously doubt they will just set up some charity either.
These people want some sort of "small government" solution to things, but I say they come up with some half-assed approach that doesn't really solve the problem. Same goes to people who think transgenderism is a "problem" or welfare recipients on drugs is a "problem".

6.1.17, 1:21 AM
True. There have been systemic failures to support and provide services for vets for a long time. My dad, a WWII vet, died in the veteran's hospital after waiting for 2 weeks for a piece of equipment to come up from Texas which locally they did not have. I also remember being in D.C. in the mid-70's and seeing in Lafayette Park across from the White House an encampment of homeless veterans in tents which was shocking to me.

There were some good things then which my husband (Vietnam era) received from the G.I Bill....post paid higher education, housing helps (bought our first home for $100 down payment and low interest rate, etc.)

Today, many of those benefits have either been reduced or are difficult to process thru paperwork, etc. The issues today are problems that for some reason those in power either refuse to address properly or just don't care.