View Full Version : Grey's Anatomy - Season 13 Finale

5.22.17, 6:30 AM
Shonda, girl, it's time to say "Goodnight Gracie".
This story has gotten so stale that even one of your disaster ridden season finales can't spark much interest.
And over the top doesn't even cover how out there this episode was.
Stephanie running through a wall of fire and living to see another day?
(And by the way Shonda, we STILL don't like any of your new interns, so no one really cared if Stephanie made it or not).
No one really cares that Owen's sister is alive either, since she has never been a part of the 13-year story line.
Also, no one is interested in the possibility of Jackson and Maggie.
Although the episode where Maggie's adopted Mother died was probably one of the best of the season, no one really cares about Maggie either.
She seems to be a very dysfunctional woman who turns the slightest bit of male attention into a full blown crush.
That is something adolescents do, not grown women.

Shonda, be a big girl and realize that this journey is over.
You have announced that next year is the last for "Scandal".
Do the same for "Grey's Anatomy" and send these characters off into the sunset with some shred of dignity.

5.22.17, 7:25 AM
Don't even get me started on the "Scandal" finale. She has lost her mind. It was so over-the-top DUMB!

5.22.17, 11:31 AM
I think I have seen 4 episodes of Grey's this whole season. I have rehearsals on Thursday nights, but I haven't even made it a priority to watch it online. Sounds like I haven't missed much. This may be a summer catch-up show for me. We'll see.

5.22.17, 7:36 PM
Viewer response to Scandal this season has been "are you kidding me???"
It's like the writers are smoking crack and hope the viewers are too.

Shonda's shows used to be good.
Not any more.