View Full Version : Manchester By The Sea

5.7.17, 9:36 AM
Has anyone seen this?
I am wondering what other people thought of this movie.

5.7.17, 11:22 AM
I thought it was a great movie. Annie, not so much.
Not an uplifting treasure. Nope, definitely not one of those.

5.7.17, 12:44 PM
I'm in Annie's camp.
As a writer, I don't feel like Lee's story was resolved at all.

As viewers, we were invited in to see the sad story of this man.
And there was no resolution to it, happy or sad.

I can't call that a "great" movie.

5.7.17, 1:51 PM
Not enough Xanax in the world for me to sit through that sad-fest.

5.7.17, 2:25 PM
After seeing both "Fences" and "Manchester By The Sea", I'm at a loss as to why Affleck won Best Actor at The Academy Awards.
He gave a good performance, but Denzel was SO much better in "Fences".

5.7.17, 6:49 PM
I didn't see Fences, but I always find it hard to believe that someone can do a better job than Denzel.

5.8.17, 8:12 PM
Every time I read "what a great writer Kenneth Lonergan is" is just want to spit.
This was not "great writing".
It was dark, depressing, "the writer needs serious therapy" stuff.
Thanks...not...for sharing that with the rest of the world.

5.8.17, 11:55 PM
I like "feel good", but more than that, I really don't like stories where some character(s) just keep making seemingly obvious mistakes, in life, in relationships, whatever. It makes me mad and depressed and fed up -- and it drives my viewing partner crazy that I can't shut up about it. Give me "feel good", please.

But, that being said; tragedy has a place in art and literature; and is empathetic pain a measure of the truth and accuracy of the tragedy that is illuminated?

(Who said that??)

5.9.17, 9:47 AM
Schindler's List. Everyone should see that "Nothing to feel good about" movie.

5.9.17, 11:09 AM
At least "Schindler's List" was a well written movie.
I did not find "Manchester By The Sea" well written at all.

It is a horrible, depressing story, and yet the writer tries to interject humor in all the wrong places.
Michelle William's character is being put in an ambulance after witnessing her children burn to death in a fire.
Here the writer interjects Three Stooges humor portraying clumsy EMTs who cannot get her stretcher to collapse into the ambulance.

Lucas Hedges character is freaked out by frozen food because his father's dead body must be kept in a freezer until the frozen Massachusetts ground thaws enough to bury him.
Here the writer interjects more Three Stooges humor by have Hedges bonk his head on the freezer when the frozen food falls out.

Just a few examples of the embarrassingly bad writing.