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5.7.17, 8:46 AM
There is a story in the news today about a 15-year-old being shot by police officers.
The kid was in a school parking lot, walking towards police officers holding a gun.
He was told repeatedly to drop the weapon.
Turns out it was a bb gun and people are wailing about police brutality.

I love this response...

"To those of you fools claiming cops are "murderers" or "should have used their stun guns", may I suggest we play a game. I will bring a BB gun and a 9mm handgun. I will stand 10ft from you, point them both at you, and you have half a second to tell me which gun is which or I pull the trigger on both. Since you armchair police officers seem to think you can do it better, I'm sure you'll be fine. Any takers?"

5.7.17, 11:21 AM
All respect and gratitude to the good police who do the hard job everyday, because they love the job and live the duty.
Whomever said the above disrespects the good police.
The "fools" that whomever said that are frightened citizens. Frightened of the police. Citizens being afraid of the police is not the correct relationship. Shouldn't be anyway.
Police who can't do the street job should find another line of work.

5.7.17, 1:49 PM
I think that 15 year old wanted to commit suicide by cop. He was the one who called 911 and told them someone was in the parking lot with a gun. I too am tired of police bashing. If you live near a crime riddled city like Detroit, you see how dangerous their jobs are.

5.11.17, 11:40 AM
I'm wondering what's going to happen if something like this happens in an "open carry" state.

5.11.17, 3:11 PM
You can see how dangerous their job is any place, any time.

It isn't a job for someone who isn't called to it, who doesn't have the temperament for it.

Police who do have the temperament should be celebrated -- for that.

Instead, they might be shamed for it: "COP FIRED FOR NOT SHOOTING DISTRAUGHT GUNMAN, SUES POLICE DEPARTMENT IN WEST VIRGINIA (http://www.newsweek.com/stephen-mader-police-shooting-fired-lawsuit-aclu-west-virginia-weirton-ronald-606435)".

5.11.17, 4:27 PM
I'm wondering what's going to happen if something like this happens in an "open carry" state.

What does whether it is an open carry state or not have to do with this?

Police officers were being approached by a man brandishing a weapon.
They repeatedly told the man to drop the weapon.
When the man did not drop the weapon, the police officers perceived themselves to be in a threatened position (which was correct, they were) and fired.

Whether the state in question is open carry or not has nothing to do with what happened.

5.18.17, 10:06 PM

Yes it does. One of the mass shootings recently was in an open carry state, and 911 operators told callers to ignore him until it was too late.

I would also think that one of these open carry fanatics would refuse to drop his weapon, even when told to by law enforcement. These people carry their weapons to defend themselves from both criminals and representatives of "evil big government", and this INCLUDES law enforcement. If you are assuming these people will obey law enforcement, then these so-called "revolutionaries" aren't very good revolutionaries, or guns are useless to the law abiding citizen.

5.19.17, 8:08 AM
The issue in this case is whether or not the police officers knew that it was a "real gun" vs. a BB gun that the perpetrator was carrying.
The point is, it is not up to police officers to determine that.
If they are confronted by a suspect brandishing a weapon and that suspect will not drop the weapon, they are within their rights to fire on the suspect.
But you go ahead and carry on with your tirade about open carry states.

5.19.17, 11:31 AM
I get it, one's a toy, one's real. However, is why Open Carry makes things more confusing, especially if you are not going to use race, religion, clothing or other factors if you are going to make a determination of whether or not a gun is real or not let alone if the person in question has a criminal intent.

I have posted an example of what happens when someone brandishes a weapon in public and in an open carry state. The police and 911 operators are INSTRUCTED TO IGNORE YOU AND TELL OTHERS TO DO THE SAME UNTIL YOU START SHOOTING. What does that tell you?