View Full Version : The average Republican congressman does not know what "preexisting condition" means.

5.4.17, 10:51 AM
Either they don't know what it means, or they're just lying.

It now appears that all Republican congresspersons are in the pockets of oligarchs and automatically lie, in the face of common sense, and in the face of the welfare of their (so called) constituents, if their money-bags bosses tell them too.

They seem to think that a preexisting medical condition is a mark of sin.

5.5.17, 4:33 PM
Christianity to them is more about maintaining the Empire, not about emulating Christ.
Likewise, their talk of "family values" seems more about conformity and selective discipline than it is about whether or not a family can provide for itself.

5.5.17, 4:45 PM
ITA, Jolau. To them, "Christianity" is nothing but a false pretense used to shield their me-first-you-never behaviors. Truly shameful.

Unfortunately, because no there are no Republican voices shouting to counter this reality, the stain is now on all Republicans.

Stand up, sane Republicans -- show the world that you do exist and that you do not approve of what is being done in your name. Change it!

5.5.17, 9:55 PM
A lot of it is "good luck vs bad luck". Good luck means you're right with God, and bad luck means you've fallen from God somehow. If I believed my prayers worked, I'd have a hot wife, a six-pack figure, lots of friends, and making a lot more money than I am now.