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4.29.17, 8:05 AM
There is only one office in my suite of offices that does not have windows. Once the door to that office is closed, no one can see in.
This past week, the woman who sits in that office had a male co-worker come in and close the door, so he could show her how to perform one of her office duties.
They were in there for over an hour, just the two of them, with the door closed.

She told me later that this made her very uncomfortable.
She said she got up and opened the door and that he got up and shut it again.
Keep in mind that this woman has only worked for the company for one month, and she is timid by nature.

I'm not over reacting to think this woman had every reason to feel uncomfortable, am I?
As soon as the woman told me that this made her uncomfortable, I reported it to my immediate supervisor.
The supervisor acted like it was no big deal and chalked it up to "stupid guy stuff".

I don't think it was the man in question's intention to make this woman feel uncomfortable.
However, it did and I think it was very inappropriate office behavior.

4.29.17, 10:22 AM
First of all, if you reported this to your immediate supervisor who said it was "stupid guy stuff," I would go higher and report that person!! This is how sexual harassment gets ignored. That was the wrong response from your supervisor. No one should ever be made to feel uncomfortable like that woman with the male co-worker. She needs to stand up for herself. Maybe you can talk to her about ways to be more assertive. In the offices I worked in we usually had an "open door policy." Doors were only closed for private meetings, usually with more than two people in attendance.

4.29.17, 10:45 AM
Thank you Agent. That "stupid guy stuff" response made me question whether or not I was making too big of a deal out of this.
If someone is made to feel uncomfortable in an office situation, for any reason, it should be taken seriously.

4.29.17, 12:16 PM
Second all that 99 said.

Someone also needs to explain to "male co-worker" basic office manners about doors.

4.29.17, 12:44 PM
Thank you Mike, I appreciate the feedback.
This situation really bothered me and the somewhat lame response about "stupid guy stuff" bothered me even more.

4.29.17, 1:15 PM
Agreed. The "stupid guy stuff" remark needs to be reported as well. And I also think an open-door policy needs to be established. The section of the office I worked in last had no windows and we always kept the doors open. The only time we ever shut our doors was if we were on the phone and needed privacy for the call. As far as private meetings, we were always called into the conference room for those where there was a window.

4.29.17, 2:50 PM
I started using a hashtag awhile back, #NoMoreBoysWillBeBoys in response to someone online who thought that some high school seniors should not have been kicked off their football team after admitting that they had drugged a girl at a party.

"Stupid guy stuff" is just another version of boys will be boys. NOT acceptable.

And it's not about being a gentleman. it is about being a decent, respectful, caring, empathetic human being.


4.29.17, 4:28 PM
While I have no use for hash tag phrases, I agree that it is about being a decent, respectful, caring, empathetic human being.

Why do comments like that have to have a hash tag?

5.2.17, 3:28 PM
Why do comments like that have to have a hash tag?

A hashtag is a communications tool in this era. A way to present an idea and try to get it across.

(Not that it works.)

5.2.17, 5:52 PM
I think they're fun in limited use. Just don't SAY "hashtag." The most popular hashtag on my FB page is "#poortim. As my friends feel sorry for my husband. Ha ha ha!!!

5.2.17, 6:45 PM
You all will have to excuse me.
I still believe in communicating with the English language.
Which is why I don't text, and don't participate in Facebook or Twitter.
Carry on.