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4.27.17, 10:14 AM
Sorry to be Miss Nit-Pick, but spelling like this does NOT belong in business emails.

Pls get back to me as soon as you can, I like to keep them apprized as things happen…

Tnx John

4.27.17, 12:22 PM
This is what texting has done to our society. :greener:

4.27.17, 12:40 PM
Judge Judy says texting is just the dumbing down of society. She is right. This business letter is inexcusable. Nice spelling. Sheesh.

4.28.17, 6:51 AM
I'm hoping employers crack down on things like this. I'm sure the writer is trying to be "casual", but it looks unprofessional.
You speak one way with your friends and another with your colleagues.
The same thing should apply to your business writing.
Emails have become the equivalent of a business letter and no one would send a hard copy letter with this kind of spelling in it.
I agree with Judge Judy about texting.

4.29.17, 4:46 PM
One of my friends is always using "n" for and. It's so annoying. She recently got her realtor's license and honestly posted this on her Facebook page...

N remember that I can help anyone in any state find a realtor!

4.29.17, 5:25 PM
My response would be:
N remember that I would never use a realtor that has no clue how to communicate in proper English.

4.29.17, 11:41 PM
Ha! Exactly what I would write. N. No.

4.30.17, 11:14 AM
the dumbing down of society

I heard a great phrase for this.
"Intellectually lazy".