View Full Version : Erin Moran - Addiction Takes Another One

4.23.17, 7:14 AM
So sad, she was only 56.

4.23.17, 9:53 AM
It sound like she had a very troubled life. Poor thing. She battled addiction for years. Was there no one in her life to help her out?

4.23.17, 1:30 PM
It is sad. It sounds like she did have some happiness in her life.

Has the cause of her passing been released?

4.23.17, 1:48 PM
Not yet. They will be doing an autopsy.

4.24.17, 12:16 PM
I was sad to hear this news. She struggled in life as many child stars do. It's all so very sad. RIP Erin!

4.24.17, 5:10 PM
I find it very strange that autopsy results are already being reported in the news.
Maybe it is different with deceased who are celebrities, but it usually takes a lot longer for autopsy results to come back.
Actually, now that I think about it, I can remember celebrity deaths where autopsy results did not come back this fast.

4.25.17, 2:46 PM

I think this explains why the cause of death was immediate. Tox results take a few weeks. Poor thing. RIP.

4.25.17, 6:17 PM
I hate cancer!!!