View Full Version : Kim Kardashian - Not Dead, But Really Nuts

4.22.17, 7:46 AM
Apparently the self-indulgent diva has decided to sell a candle that has a picture of her, dressed as The Virgin Mary on it.
Did it not occur to ANYONE in the Kim Kardashian entourage that this might offend a LOT of people?

And why in the world would such a slutty, nasty woman think that anyone would be okay with her image, decked out as The Virgin Mary?

4.22.17, 10:34 AM
I just saw the photo! There are no boundaries for this dysfunctional family. As long as people continue to follow them, read about them, and watch their TV show, they believe they can do no wrong. I abhor these people on every level. Unfortunately, they are so ingrained in pop culture they will never go away. I don't blame Bruce for becoming a woman and getting away from them. LOL!

4.22.17, 5:33 PM
I agree with you Agent. As long as people continue to follow them, they will be in the media mainstream.
Anyone who is hooked on the Kardashians, really, really needs to get a life.