View Full Version : Baby Giraffe -- finally -- Born This Morning!

4.15.17, 10:56 AM

4.15.17, 12:07 PM
I watched it. I was kinda gross. LOL!!! I am dying to take the film and put a voiceover to it.

4.18.17, 2:26 AM
Local news was on that day and on the last few minutes of the show they were lucky enough to catch the aired live birth. Always an awesome thing to see a new life taking it's first breath. Glad that it all went well. :-)

The two little owlets I've been watching at the OKC Owl cam got a new third sibling a couple of weeks ago. The wildlife dept. had a rescued owlet who was found in an area where trees were bring cut down for a new development and placed it in the OKC nest. The owl family...mom, dad and two siblings accepted it straight away and the "Tiger Owl" family grew to 5. The babies will probably all fledge in the nest 2 weeks or so. Has been such a fun season for all things new and starting life.