View Full Version : China warns US and N Korea

4.15.17, 3:01 AM
None of this saber rattling by the US and N. Korea is a good thing and we can all hope that's all it is. Both US and N Korea have erratic leaders who are ego driven kindred spirits. Trump likes to say he's unpredictable, but that is not strategy...it's flying by the seat of one's pants. I am concerned about where this is all going.


4.16.17, 1:36 PM
Me too.

Imagine that -- that China is acting as mediator.

4.16.17, 7:55 PM
My brother-in-law thinks that the only thing keeping us from an actual war with North Korea is the incompetence of the North Korean missile program.

4.17.17, 12:16 PM
I think that there is a secret to what appears to be incompetence that (I hope) we'll only hear about many years from now. And will indirectly tie to Sony Pictures.

4.18.17, 3:49 AM
Rumors are that US or other intel hacked the NK missile test and why it exploded, but who knows. I'm not sure that China would suddenly decided that a turn-around to side with the US on anything that doesn't serve them...even after a great piece of chocolate cake was shared with Trump.

I have called all my Reps and Senators to plead with them to try and rein in the fool in the White House. Bully tactics may work in the world of big business, but it's folly to think the same works with an erratic foreign state leader who may have nuclear capabilities. I feel assured somewhat that the US has sufficient ICBM capabilities to knock down a direct strike against the west coast, but not so much if missiles are directed at S. Korea, Japan or US bases in the region.

4.18.17, 2:28 PM
China doesn't want the Korea thing to go all sideways. It'll be bad for business, all 'round.

And, they now know that the US National Putz (#TrumpNeverFiledHisTaxes) is perfectly capable to making it all go sideways, essentially, on a whim.

So; China will be forced to intervene in some way to calm it all down.