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4.10.17, 9:30 AM
“gunna be at west hall today” referring to West Hall Middle School
in Oakwood, Georgia was auto-corrected to "gunman be at west hall
The school went on immediate lockdown
when the text was reported.

"gangnam style" was auto-corrected to "gang-bang style". Oops.

"kitties" was auto-corrected to "titties". Need I say more?

"polenta" (a cornmeal used in pasta making) was auto-corrected to
"placenta". That could cut down on your dinner guests.

Apparently "pencil" is frequently auto-corrected to "penis". Which gives
a whole new meaning to "pencil skirt". Or "please use a number 2 pencil".

When complaining about a neighbor, who still had their Christmas
decorations up (including three dead wreaths) auto-correct reported that
the neighbor still had three dead walruses nailed to his house.

And finally, the mother of a flute student texted that she was so proud of
her flute student after the flute rectal (recital).

4.10.17, 12:58 PM
Ha ha!! These are great. I still laugh at the grandmother who wished her grandson a "Happy Thanksgiving Love Grandmaster Flash."

4.10.17, 5:02 PM
Just be careful what you text about pencils.