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4.8.17, 1:19 PM
There are many things that annoy me about Grey's Anatomy these days.
Not the least of which is Meredith carrying on the tradition of "dancing it out" with women other than Cristina.
Dancing it out was a Meredith/Cristina thing.
It is not a Meredith, Maggie, Amelia thing.
Also, will someone please tell these women that there is more to dancing than jumping up and down and flailing your arms?

On another note, thank God Arizona mentioned Derek and how he was the love of Meredith's life.
I had a feeling that they were going to press on with this Meredith/Riggs relationship without anyone having a thought about how Meredith is still getting over losing Derek.

4.8.17, 2:29 PM
I never liked the "dance it out." I thought there were some really strange, unrealistic things about Meredith & Christina. How is this show still on the air? Is it any good?

4.8.17, 5:27 PM
As much as I have never liked the character of Maggie, the episode where she lost her mother was pretty good.
Occasionally, the writers do more than phone it in.

Overall, the story lines are fragmented and going in eight different directions.
I really wish they would choose to end Grey's Anatomy and give the viewers some closure on a story that has gone on WAY too long.

The Shonda shows are not nearly as good as they used to be.
Scandal jumped the shark a few seasons ago and this season, the episodes are full of totally absurd crap.
That is another show that needs to wrap it up and be done.

4.8.17, 8:14 PM
One of the reviews on VultureTV said that one of the problems with Scandal (and all of Shonda's shows) is that she overloads the characters that she likes. She keeps characters around way past their usefulness. I thought that was a good insight. This is so true with Scandal. It is so top heavy and the storylines are just absurd because there are so many players now that she has to work in. Basically, she needs an editor.

4.8.17, 8:23 PM
I think the Shonda shows were good at the beginning.
And then, I think Shonda got diva-like and thought that nothing could out shine her shows.
Most of the reviews that I read of Shonda shows say that the story lines have gotten nuts and the shows are living beyond their original interesting inception.
I agree.

4.8.17, 11:07 PM
I agree too!

4.10.17, 1:51 PM
Wait, wait! Somebody still watches Grey's Anatomy?


4.10.17, 5:01 PM
Yes Mike.
According to the ratings, a lot of people still watch "Grey's Anatomy".

4.13.17, 1:46 AM
Yeah; just kidding.
I quit it years ago, but A still watches.

4.13.17, 6:58 AM
A lot of people have stopped watching, but many still do.
While I think the show has gone on longer than it needed to, I am curious to see how it will finally end it's long story.
For someone who had a great formula for a good show, Shonda has certainly messed things up.
She keeps trying to get her viewers interested in a new batch of interns, and no one has seemed to like any of them.