View Full Version : Not Too Spooky. Google gave me a personalized doodle for my birthday. A Surprise!

4.5.17, 12:06 AM
Am I in the 21st Century yet?
Went to Google.com today and found this. Not too spooked by it.

4.5.17, 6:52 AM
The first birthday I was logged in to Google I looked at a Google page and was pleasantly surprised to see the birthday icon.
If you had hovered your mouse over the image you would have seen "Happy Birthday Mike".
It is a personalized thing Google does and I think it's nice.
Hope you enjoyed your birthday, Mike.

4.5.17, 8:40 AM
Happy Birthday! Hint: I never give my real birthday on internet sights. I always use my parent's anniversary and shave about 15 years off my age. LOL! I get strange birthday greetings during the year.

4.5.17, 10:59 AM
Happy Birthday, Mike!!

So Agent, have we been wishing you a happy birthday on the wrong day all of these years? LOL!

4.5.17, 11:17 AM
Yes, and she's really 75.

4.5.17, 11:47 AM
I did hover over it and see the message. (Always happy for recognition from the Wizard of Google. I do like Google. Wouldn't be able to do my job without Google.)

4.5.17, 12:11 PM
Ha ha!! I'll let The Pier gang know all of my fake birthday dates.