View Full Version : Don't Tempt Fate

4.3.17, 4:23 PM
I heard the most awful story today.
A woman who works in my building and I were talking about life insurance.
She said that years ago, she decided to cancel her husband's life insurance policy.
The way she saw it, he was young and healthy and they were wasting money on it.
Four months later he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

I'm not sure why anyone would cancel a life insurance policy, unless they could no longer afford the premiums.
Almost everyone leaves some kind of debt trail when they pass.
Especially someone married, who has kids and is the co-owner of a house with a mortgage.

Also, I try very hard not to tempt fate.
Because I am sure that if I do, Fate will go "oh look, she's tempting me. I think I will have some fun with her."

4.3.17, 5:46 PM
My cousin's husband who just passed away didn't have life insurance AND, she has found that the deed on their house was only in his name. She is in such a financial bind now and may lose her house. It's so important to have things in order no matter how good your health is or how old you are. Anything can happen in a blink of an eye.

4.3.17, 6:44 PM
Kris, I am not saying anything against your cousin.
Just making a suggestion.
People need to know what they will be faced with as a "surviving spouse".
Is their life insurance? Is their name on the deed to the house?
Many people (women in particular) don't know these things.
And as your cousin is finding out, it sucks to find out after the fact.
I know most people don't like to talk about "what happens if I die, or what happens if you die" but it is really important if you are involved in a partnership.
And marriage is a legal partnership.

4.4.17, 11:06 AM
Agreed. It is vital to know such things.

4.5.17, 5:54 PM
People seem to think that if they don't talk about death, it will never come for them. My husband has always put the big stuff off...i pushed until he maxed out his life insurance through work and in putting in a quit claim so I would be on the deed to the house.

He knows nothing about his parents' situation. They are Hoarders. We are the only family nearby they have even allowed into their house. My husband's only other sibling live several states away, so she wouldn't be involved when they pass.

I told him: this is going to be your mess when one or both of them dies. They lost his birth certificate, he has his passport thankfully. I doubt the Survivor of that marriage would know where anything important is, and it will be my husband's responsibility to look for it.

I've tried having those conversations with my husband, telling him that he needs to talk to his parents about getting their affairs in order. But he gets angry with me. He is very much a person who wants to avoid talking about death. All I see are the complications of that silence.

I just keep my mouth shut now. I've warned him.

If not for me being a forward-thinking and paranoid person, I can only imagine the straits we would be in if I left him to make the decisions in the event he died.