View Full Version : Measles Outbreak In Europe! This needs to be in the US news!

4.3.17, 9:11 AM
Antivaxers have been active in Europe too, and, unfortunately they're getting fatal results.


4.3.17, 11:20 AM
This just throws me over the edge! Those antivaxers need to be held accountable for what they are subjecting people to! My niece sent her daughter to a birthday party a couple of years ago. A few days later her daughter came down with a mild case of chicken pox! It was mild because she had been vaccinated. However! My niece suffers from an auto-immune disease and she is very susceptible to illness. She had to be put on strong antibiotics to fend off any serious illness. One of the kids at the birthday party had never been vaccinated. Crazy people. Keep listening to the Hollywood nuts who promote this.

4.3.17, 1:57 PM
It's not just entertainment celebrities (like @$% Don Imus), but the Federal Executive branch is in on it now too.

"Trump taps anti-vaxxer to lead vaccine safety committee (updated) (https://www.engadget.com/2017/01/10/trump-taps-anti-vaxxer-for-vaccine-safety-committee/)"

(Took the word "trump" out so that this would go too "Politics". )