View Full Version : Taking care of the poor, and caring for the environment. Goes in Politics??

4.1.17, 5:51 PM
Father James Martin: Why is climate change a moral issue?


A video message from the editor of "America Magazine"


4.6.17, 12:36 AM
Good article. It's discouraging to see how quickly things have negatively evolved with the new admin seeking to undo any progress made regarding climate change, plus the proposed cuts to programs so needed by the poor, elderly, children, etc. If we become a nation who's government thinks defense spending and wall building is more important than funding programs for the needy, the arts, science, etc., then we certainly will be insuring that America IS no longer great.

4.6.17, 8:41 PM
It just seems to me that religion in this country is more about imperialism than it is about doing good things to others, along with feeding peoples' entitlement mentalities