View Full Version : I hate to be dense.... but

12.13.07, 12:19 AM
Just which Class Reunion is this? The 5th? 10th? We have a lawyer, a dot.com wizard.... Perhaps my lack of figuring this one out shows my intense interest in this story line....

12.13.07, 9:44 AM
Good question Robin. I hadn't thought of that but I would assume it's their 10th. I've never heard of anyone having a 5th HS Reunion... Since all soaps age characters rapidly, this reunion is 10th at best.

12.14.07, 4:09 PM
But that would make them all supposedly 28 years old. That is some serious rapid aging!

12.15.07, 2:51 PM
I think Shelle were aged when MM and BB took over the roles.
Does anyone think they look like they're straight out of high school?