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3.31.17, 11:04 PM
"Driver Of Truck: "I'm Sorry, I Was Texting"

This person caused an accident that resulted in the deaths of 13 people.
He's sorry? Really?
When are people going to learn to leave their damn phones alone while driving a vehicle?

4.1.17, 10:47 AM
No excuse. He should be put away for life. I don't know how this dangerous addiction will ever stop. I saw a report showing people getting hit by cars because they were crossing the street and looking at their phones. I've seen it myself!

4.1.17, 10:59 AM
I can't even fathom the stupidity of walking or driving while looking at a cell phone.
The other thing that is dangerous (and I see it all the time) is people walking, crossing streets, etc. with ear buds in.
There is no way they can hear oncoming traffic and I have seen these ear bud people walk right out in front of oncoming cars.

4.1.17, 2:09 PM
The earbuds thing drives me crazy too! They also drive with them on so they can't hear emergency vehicles either. Totally OT but when did it become acceptable for people to bring their dogs everywhere? And I know the whole scam of "therapy dogs" but there aren't that many people in Bed Bath & Beyond who need therapy dogs! BTW, when we felt home the other day we paid for both of our cats despite everyone telling us to sign them up as therapy pets. The world is crazy!!! Can we also talk about women wearing leggings as pants? LOL!!

4.1.17, 2:28 PM
I don't understand people who bring their dogs everywhere either.
One of the grossest things I have ever seen is a woman who brought her tiny dog to the bank with her and the dog was allowed to sit on the counter while she did her banking.
The dog's butt, that does not require any cleaning after defalcating, sat on the publicly used bank counter.
And then there are the people who bring their dogs to the grocery store and leave them in the car.

As for women wearing leggings as pants, some do it tastefully (a long shirt over the leggings) most do not.
And yet we have woman SCREAMING because girls wearing leggings (that basically outline their butts and genitals) not being allowed on airplanes.
The world is indeed crazy.
And narcissistic and self-indulgent.