View Full Version : People still believe in Pizzagate.

3.26.17, 5:53 AM
This is the reason why I think we need to do away with things like the Electoral College, because if you are the kind of person who believes in such conspiracy theories, you deserve to be left behind.

This is also why I think libertarianism has contributed to the downfall of this country.
Just one person with a microphone, or a website could think of the worst possible scenario, present Hillary Clinton or Barak Obama as not even above the law, but beyond the law, and claim they are capable of any sort of unspeakable evils, and then claim they are actually doing it, with absolutely no evidence whatsoever, and people will believe it without question. All they have to do is claim they are some sort of authority figure, and it gets worse when you claim yourself to be a "God-fearing" Christian.

http://addictinginfo.org/2017/03/25/pizzagate-conspiracy-rally-melts-down-when-crowd-cant-agree-on-whether-to-blame-jews/ (http://addictinginfo.org/2017/03/25/pizzagate-conspiracy-rally-melts-down-when-crowd-cant-agree-on-whether-to-blame-jews/)

3.29.17, 2:56 AM
Good point and I would agree with that. Even today with Trump's recent tweet asking why the Clintons are not being investigated for their alleged Russian connections (the debunked uranium sale, etc.) continues to play to those who relish conspiracy theories promoted by right wing pundits. Of course, this is just another deflection stance by Trump. When he sees some bad news about himself he makes up a fake news story, or reiterates a debunked story, that he hopes the press will take up and take the heat off himself.

3.29.17, 5:09 AM
There is a big difference between him and the Clintons. He is President of the United States, the Clintons are not. She could be giving blow-jobs to Putin for all we know, but that wouldn't matter because she's not in any position to do anything. Anything him or his family are doing on the other hand, can effect how he is running the government.