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3.24.17, 7:17 PM
I saw the movie last week and I really enjoyed it. It has always been my favorite fairy tale and since I don't do animation I've never seen the original "cartoon." My girlfriends loved it too. The seven year old said it was too long (over 2 hours) and it was too "Yucky romantic." Ha ha. See it in Imax if you can. I loved seeing Kevin Klein back on the big screen as Belle's father.

3.26.17, 12:57 AM
I just got back from seeing "Beauty and the Beast" and loved it. I thought it was very well done. I vaguely remember the animated version, but I did like this one better. It's not for small children though. There was a little girl, maybe 3 across the aisle from me that whined from about 30 minutes in until the end. I had to laugh though, when Belle kisses the Beast during a real emotional part, this little voice rang out in the theater with a big, "ewwwwww." That definitely broke the tenderness of the scene. hehehe! I would recommend it. And I also loved Kevin Klein in the movie.

3.26.17, 7:12 PM
Thanks Agent and Kris for your comments on the movie.
It was hard to find them among all the "anti-Trump" posts, but I finally did.

3.27.17, 3:47 PM
Ha ha!! Let me guess, Trump is the Beast.

3.27.17, 5:20 PM
Yeah. And vying for "Beauty" are Melania and Ivanka.

Tiffany has been assigned permanent Cinderella duty.

(Meliania refused the position of Wicked Step Mother. Every time she tried to say "dust pan," it came out "dohzben".)