View Full Version : eeew, ick, Chloe

12.12.07, 10:46 PM
I've always been nuetral on the Chloe character but I just can't stand to look. With the In Your Face makeup and gazomba's, it's just too much. Remember when she first came on, barely any makeup and clothes that covered? She's a naturally beautiful girl, they need to let that shine through.

12.13.07, 8:46 PM
Yeah she has become quite hookerish through the years. Who woulda thunk that opera could do that to her?? They ruined her character. Maybe her head got so big that she said she wanted to have all that makeup and trampy clothes instead of the pure wholesome girl we remember.

12.15.07, 1:47 PM
I don't remember a good wholesome girl, but I hated her then and I hate her more now.