View Full Version : Good News Or Bad News?

3.22.17, 7:49 PM
Do you find yourself entrenched in the good news you see on the internet, or mostly following the bad news?
Just curious.
It seems a lot of people are totally focused on what they perceive to be the "bad news".

3.23.17, 12:06 AM
I do try to splash in some good news, but admit that the bad news these days is like a ball and chain.

Promise to try to bring more fun stuff over here.

Thank goodness for you guys and Five For Fridays!

3.23.17, 11:19 AM
Good news! I'll skim over the news page to see what's happening, but most of the time I try to focus on "happy" things and good news.

3.23.17, 12:17 PM
I don't watch the news on TV because it's always bad news. I try to focus only on good stuff online, but will read bad news as well depending on what it is.

3.24.17, 6:14 PM
I only stop at videos of cats now.