View Full Version : The Reunion

12.12.07, 8:02 PM
I don't know about anyone else, but I enjoyed seeing some of the old faces these last few days. I wish Mimi could have been there. Cynthia is still the same ol shallow bitch she's always been. I liked when Philip dissed her.

I was really hoping Belle confessed to Shawn today. Her ability to think of lies on the spot rivals that of her sister Sami.

I also don't know what the deal with Chloe is, although I like the fact that she told Shawn about Belle & Philip, I think there was a time when she would have investigated her suspicions more before she went shooting off at the mouth.

She and Belle arent enemies so the reason she talked to Shawn kinda baffles me.

12.12.07, 8:27 PM
Shawn was the one who was there for her when everyone was making fun of her in high school. She felt obligated to tell him what she suspected and I applaud her for what his mother should have done. I am guessing she is doing that to show Belle that she can't have it all. Chloe wants Philip and she is not going to let Belle have Philip and Shawn.
I was hoping but knew that Belle was not going to say a word about her and Philip. I don't think Shawn is that stupid and he will figure it out. I NEVER thought I would say this but I HOPE he drops her butt and finds someone who is not as needy and deceptive.
It was great seeing the old kids but showed that NONE of them have done better with their acting skills. Especially Kevin

12.15.07, 2:01 PM
I don't think Chloe gives a darn about Belle or Shawn, she would throw them both under the wheels if she thinks it'll get her the man she dogged and dumped, Phil.