View Full Version : Trump promises evidence of Obama's wiretapping soon

3.16.17, 2:26 AM
Is this like when he promised to provide evidence that Obama was not a US citizen? A few years ago Trump said he had sent investigators to Hawaii to check out Obama's supposed citizenship and said (paraphrasing) that people would be amazed at what dirt they found. Then nothing was ever said about it again.


3.16.17, 3:38 AM
It seems to me that the Republicans make a habit of thinking the worst of a situation, and claim the Democrats are doing it, in order to cook up these conspiracy theories and other propaganda.

As I said before, with all of this propaganda floating around it should be perfectly clear that the Democrats and Republicans are nothing alike.
And yet a "they're all the same" mentality exists among Third Partiers, Independents, and Non-Democratic Liberals.
Are they not paying attention?

3.21.17, 2:20 AM