View Full Version : Judge freezes Trump's travel ban.

3.15.17, 8:44 PM

3.16.17, 1:18 AM
It will be interesting to see how this all finally plays out in the courts since, regardless of the cries that it's a security issue...it's as Trump proclaimed in his campaign promises....a religious ban.

And speaking of campaigning....why is Trump still out campaigning instead of governing? Continuing to hold rallies of his election supporters? I don't recall this behavior for past presidents?


3.16.17, 2:34 AM
Remember how people used to complain about the Obamas out there having fun? His vacations? Obama's campaigning? Michelle Obama presenting at the Oscars?

But this is how I think Donald Trump "works". He takes all the rewards, the benefits, and publicity from doing something, but he doesn't accept any of the responsibilities. He will delegate his responsibilities to his underlings (In this case, Brannon, Pence, Conway, etc.) but most likely doesn't give them the kind of resources they need to succeed.

3.21.17, 1:27 AM
Yep...and Trump always criticized Obama for those trip. Now thought, the US taxpayer are paying out the nose not just for Secret Service at the White House, Trump Tower and Mar-lago...but all his kids, too...even when they are on private business trips:


3.21.17, 7:42 PM
I wonder how the "fiscally responsible" Republican will react to this? Are they going to complain about how the government is subsidizing their lifestyles, or will they claim he and his family are deserving of this, and are willing to forgive?

3.25.17, 12:58 AM
Probably they'll just look the other way unless there's unless the public starts whining to them about it.

3.25.17, 9:32 PM
Makes me wonder how many passes are they going to give him? They would never let Obama get away with things like that. Remember when they were complaining about not attending the funerals of Nancy Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, or Antonin Scalia?

3.29.17, 2:25 AM
We can expect some to continue to support Trump simply to hope to use his power to endorse bills, etc., they want to get signed into law. Having a majority in Congress, the Senate and the Oval office will compel some to look the other way even though they know Trump is an incompetent leader.

3.29.17, 4:25 AM
I still say the source of the problem is Conservatives believe him to be a strict disciplinarian/father figure that this country needs to fix all of our problems. They see places like Chicago or Detroit (even though many of their own communities are just as dysfunctional, if not more-so) and see crime and immorality and blame it all on bad parenting and lack of Jesus.

What do they expect? Spankings?
Is he going to send a bunch of paddlers up and down the streets of Chicago to administer floggings?